Special Issue Call for Papers JSBM

JSBM Special Issue Call for Papers JSBM – Final

62º Conferencia Mundial Buenos Aires

Main conference website: www.icsb2017.org

3er Simposio de Investigaciones Empresariales PUCPR

Este simposio tiene como propósito crear un encuentro de investigadores, estudiantes doctorales y estudiantes de Maestría en Administración de Empresas. El simposio está dividido en tres áreas: 1. Investigaciones terminadas o en proceso: “Call for Papers” para investigadores. 2. Simposio Doctoral: estudiantes doctorales que presenten sus propuestas de investigación. 3. Investigaciones de Maestría en Administración de Empresas: estudiantes de maestría que presenten sus trabajos de investigación. Para información sobre guías para someter sus trabajos, visite la página del Simposio de Investigación: http://www.pucpr.edu/simposiodeinvestigacionempresas/ Fecha límite para someter: 26 de marzo del 2017

Empower Women: Transform Their Lives

Empower Women: Transform Their Lives by Zulma Quiñones PhD An empowered woman is a female that has clear outlooks and priorities, is able to maintain high academic and professional standards, and creates an effective strategic plan for her life. These factors will ensure that we the Puerto Rico & Caribbean Affiliate (PR&C) proposed the quality guidance that women demand. In 2010, PR&C Affiliate developed a working document in preparation for the Affiliates’ 20th Anniversary, which be celebrated in 2017. One of the key priorities was, how as a group we were going to assist in empowering our young university women to become the leaders we understood them to be. Women are at a time when their voices must be heard to ensure that academic and professional rigor, freedom and integrit...

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