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1st ICSB PR&C Conclave: High Education Institutions, Catalyst of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ICSB PR&C is very proud to invite you to our 20th Anniversary Celebration. Join us for a very special day where we will be discussing how High Education Institutions act as a Catalyst of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Tickets will not be sold at the venue. For more information please contact  Dr. Eileen Figueroa @ 787-929-0377 The 1st ICSB PR&C Conclave is design to discuss and explore how Institutions of Higher Education can promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Every dean, professor, student and enthusiast of Business and Entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to listen to colleges form around the world and their perspective. This Conclave also provides the opportunity to network

4ta Conferencia, Normalidad o Nueva Realidad: Perspectiva empresarial, económica, política y religiosa

Le invitamos a que nos acompañe a la 4ta conferencia en la serie de “Normalidad o Nueva Realidad” que se realizará el próximo jueves 12 de abril de 2018 en el Centro Graduado de Investigación y Éxito Estudiantil de la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico Recinto de San Germán. La actividad comenzará a las 6:00pm.

2016-2017 Global Survey for Entrepreneurship Education

Invitation to participate in Survey Who can  participate? Entrepreneurship professors in public; private higher education institutions in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean What are the benefits? The first ever profile of best practices and trends within the field of entrepreneurship education will be generated. Support the growth of entrepreneurship teaching. Compare and contrast with entrepreneurship teaching in Argentina, Canada, and the United States. Click the link below to take the survey

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